Local woman searches for sister's killer more than two decades after her death

Eva Rondon killed on Aug. 10, 1991

SAN DIEGO - A local woman is searching for her sister's killer more than two decades after her death.

Diann Bauer looked through old photo albums filled with both fond memories and sad ones. 

"When the anniversary comes and holidays, you always remember them all the time. I always remember my sister every day," said Bauer, who lives in Normal Heights with her husband.

On Aug. 10, 1991, Bauer's sister, 41-year-old Eva Rondon, was found on L Street and 30th Street with multiple stab wounds. Police found the man she was walking with suffering from a stab wound nearby. He survived. Rondon did not.

"I thought it was my fault because I wasn't there to take care of her," Bauer said. 

Since her sister's death, Bauer has visited the gravesite weekly. It is a ritual she still does to this day.

"What I want is people to come forward," Bauer said during an interview with 10News in 1993.

More than two decades later, her message remains the same.

"All I want is justice for her ... peace of mind," Bauer said.

The detectives on the case have since retired. What is frustrating for Bauer is that police have told her the case is closed.

San Diego police Lt. Jorge Duran, who is with the homicide unit, also told 10News reporter Melissa Mecija the case was closed. Duran said two people were arrested in 1994 in connection with Rondon's death.

However, when bringing up the family's concerns, 10News learned from homicide investigators that the two arrested were charged but never prosecuted. The case remains unsolved. 

After Rondon's death, Bauer and her husband became active in the nonprofit organization "Parents of Murdered Children."

Bauer's regret is her father not living to see the day where his daughter's killer is brought to justice.

"I always promised my mom and dad that I would try and solve it before they died. Unfortunately, I didn't do that for my dad," Bauer said. 

Their father died in April of this year.

A weapon used in the murder was never recovered. Duran said it is possible the cold case team will reactivate this case. 

If you have any information, call San Diego CrimeStoppers at (888) 580-8477.

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