Local woman believes she was victim of bogus tax business

SAN DIEGO - Tax Day is a total nightmare for a woman in Spring Valley. She contacted 10News because she believes she is the victim of a bogus tax business.

LaChrisha Randle had her returns prepared at a place called L and T Works. The office is set up in a strip mall on Miramar Road.

"I kind of had red flags," said Randle. "It just seemed like a pop-up tent kind of thing."

She said her friend referred her to the business, which was packed with people.

"It was just really busy. It was like a free clinic," said Randle.

It was not free, though. She paid $150. They only took cash.

She had them mail her the completed return. When she saw she was getting back a $4,000 refund, she knew something was not right.

"I thought, 'That sounds like a lot.' I wonder how they did that," said Randle.

Then, she saw other mistakes. Instead of deducting $3,000 for a church donation, more than $31,000 was written off. There were more than $71,000 in deductions. Normally, she writes off about $12,000.

"I can't believe it … I'm in shock," she said. "I don't know. Can people get away with that?"

When she returned to the business, she found a locked door with a note on the window. It stated the business was closed following an IRS visit last Friday. It went on to say they are meeting with their attorney to make sure they are compliant.

"I just wanted my money back for what I paid, but I can't even find them now," added Randle.

Randle said even though she did not sign the return, it was filed. She is planning to notify the IRS of what happened.

She filed an addendum with H&R Block but is worried about much more than her return.   

 "They have our financial information," said Randle. "They have our Social Security numbers, our kids' Social Security numbers, my address … they have everything they need."

The San Diego Better Business Bureau website did not have any information about L and T Works.

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