San Diego-based online company helping shoppers find deals, avoid sales tax

Extrabux is free site for comparison shopping

SAN DIEGO - A Pacific Beach-based company is helping shoppers find the best deals online and paying them to shop.

When Extrabux CEO Jeff Nobbs found out online retailer would be collecting California sales tax, he thought, "It's a great thing for us because we work with thousands of other stores where they don't charge sales tax to California shoppers."

For those wondering if there's a catch, Nobbs told 10News, "There's no catch; we're free. In fact, we're 110 percent free. We pay you to be a member of our site."

Members of earn cash back -- anywhere from 1 to 30 percent -- from online retailers, including well-known names like Walmart, Victoria's Secret and Nordstrom. There are 2,500 retailers in all, and members get cash back on anything they purchase.

For example, if you wanted to find the best deal on a specific digital camera, Extrabux will list the choices from different online retailers according to cost, factoring the cash back, tax and shipping. Sometimes the cheapest option also comes with no tax, but other times, the best deal actually includes tax.

"Just a little extra work and you can save a lot of money," explained Nobbs. "Tax is just one component."

Many shoppers are catching on. Since Sept. 15, when Amazon began charging California sales tax, Extrabux membership has jumped by 15 percent.

The company of 10 employees is getting set to expand, with growth of 570 percent over the last year.

As for Amazon, even Nobbs said he sometimes shops there. In fact, Extrabux offers Amazon coupons and is working on an Amazon cash back deal.

"They're a big partner, but there's a lot more we could be doing with them," said Nobbs.

While certain out-of-state online stores still don't charge sales tax, that loophole may close as well, so cash back may become the only way many consumers save money.

If you refer a friend, Extrabux will send you $5.

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