Local travelers brace for Hawaii hurricanes

SAN DIEGO - Two hurricanes are about to hit the Hawaiian Islands, and some locals are bracing for severe weather where they never expected it.

The last flight to Hawaii from San Diego's Lindbergh Field on Thursday night was on Alaska Airlines to Kahului, but it was canceled.

Hawaii is considered one of the ideal spots on the globe to plan a wedding, with its beautiful scenery and perfect weather most of the time -- just not right now.

There's a one-two punch of hurricanes at the doorstep to the islands: Iselle blowing in Thursday night and Julio set to strike a few days later.

Ronnie Lewis and Marina Garrett are booked to fly to Kona this weekend to get married.

The groom's father, Ron Lewis, is a little concerned, saying, "Where we're located is right in the middle of where the weather's hitting. I'm concerned there'll be roads washed out, no food, no water, no gas, no propane. It's a pretty serious potential for disaster there."

Lewis also said they'll be flexible. If they have to relocate, so be it.

"It's pretty much an outdoor wedding, but where our reception's going to be, I think it'll get taken out by the floods; it's right on the water," Lewis said.

People all over the islands have been preparing for the worst, filling sandbags, checking power lines and stocking up on essential supplies.

San Diegan Dr. Kevin Shaw and his extended family are vacationing on Kauai, and he told 10News, "We're bracing for the storm to come … talked about doing some things including trips to the other side of the island, going to Waimea Canyon, even talked about helicopter tours, but with winds picking up and rain on the way, we're nervous about some of that so right now we're in batten-down-the-hatches mode."

"We've stocked up on food and water; the house where we're staying is two stories and has an elevated section on concrete pilings so we'll be above any flood in the home," Shaw added.

They may move their cars to higher ground but for now they're staying put. There has been no thought of heading for higher ground.

"No way, no. I wouldn't miss it for the world. I've never been in a hurricane before. This'll be fun," Shaw said.

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