Local Susan G. Komen Chapter Receives Death Threats

Threats Issued Over Initial Decision To Pull Breast Cancer Screening Funds From Planned Parenthood

The executive director of the local chapter of the Susan G. Komen foundation told 10News on Friday that her chapter received death threats over the decision to pull breast cancer screening funds from Planned Parenthood.

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The typical image associated with the Susan G. Komen foundation is a group of happy people wearing pink and walking for a cure to breast cancer.

On Tuesday, that picture of unity was fractured when the national office of the Susan G. Komen foundation announced they would stop giving grant money to Planned Parenthood because a Florida chapter was under investigation by a congressional committee.

"We have been in a firestorm," said Laura Farmer Sherman, the executive director of the foundation's local chapter.

She said the most disturbing part of that firestorm was a deadly threat against her and her staff.

"We got two death threats by two different people who said, you know, 'You should be firebombed… someone should die,'" she said. "We kind of went into our lockdown emergency procedure and I can't tell you how odd that is to be working for an organization like Susan G. Komen and to suddenly find yourself on the opposite side of love."

Farmer Sherman said the San Diego Komen chapter joined with California's six other chapters in strong opposition to the new Komen policy.

Then on Friday, a statement from the national Susan G. Komen foundation reversed course and said, in part, that the policy of de-funding agencies would change.

"We will amend the criteria to make clear that disqualifying investigations must be criminal and conclusive and not political," the statement read.

Jennifer Coburn, who is with the local chapter of Planned Parenthood, said "We got a tremendous, tremendous show of support from San Diego."

That support came despite the fact that the local Planned Parenthood does not receive any money from the Komen foundation.

Now that the firestorm has passed, Farmer Sherman said she is happy that a picture of unity will once again be the hallmark of the Susan G. Komen foundation.

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