Local Special Olympians invite Justin Bieber to school via YouTube video

Poway High students asking star to attend event

POWAY, Calif. - Justin Bieber has millions of fans, including some devoted Poway High School students who have invited the pop star to attend their Special Olympics.

"The Special Olympics is a big deal to them," said Poway High senior Callie Gilbert.

Gilbert is an academic tutor in the Critical Needs class for Poway High's special education program. She recently took a letter-writing campaign for Bieber to a new level.

"They were just writing letters to ask him to come, and we were all just talking about it and thought, 'Well, if we're going to ask him, we should just go big,'" said Gilbert.

With the help of her brother, Gilbert decided to create "The Bieber Project," a YouTube video invitation asking Bieber to come to their school.

At the end of the video, the special education students dance to Bieber's "All around the World." Gilbert said the song couldn't be more appropriate, as the lyrics say, "All around the world, people want to be loved. All around the world, they're no different than us."

"I am truly inspired by [the special needs students'] genuine love for other and their acceptance of others," said Gilbert. "They're always happy and laughing and just want to dance."

The Special Olympics for the Poway Unified School District will be held at Poway High School Dec. 14.

"I was a little weary because I didn't know what it would be like if he didn't come," said Gilbert. "It is really farfetched that he would even hear of it, but just to know they had created something that they can be proud of is a success in itself."

Gilbert said the Special Olympians spent a month practicing the choreography the video.

"I think that Justin Bieber would be the lucky one to get to meet them," said Gilbert.

With more than 62,000 views on YouTube, they've already received the attention of many, and maybe the attention of Bieber himself.

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