Local shopper finds new place to line up for Black Friday sales

Rhiannon Buckingham waiting at La Mesa Best Buy

LA MESA, Calif. - A dedicated bargain hunter who was asked to leave an El Cajon Best Buy store has found a new place to wait for Black Friday sales.

Rhiannon Buckingham is now camping outside the Best Buy in La Mesa.

"I'm getting TVs… four TVs, a BluRay player, some earphones," the Spring Valley resident told 10News.

By camping out more than a week ahead of Black Friday, Buckingham said she will save upwards of $2,000. 

She had the same goal when she camped out at the Best Buy in El Cajon. That was before a Westfield Parkway Plaza security guard told her to leave. Westfield owns the property.

"They said, 'You guys can't stay here. You guys look homeless, '" recalled Buckingham.  "I mean, I may be trailer trash but I'm not homeless."

Westfield management told 10News it was a safety and security issue. They do not want anyone staying overnight on their property.

However, the La Mesa Best Buy did not mind.  The store's manager even came out to take photos of the campers for their corporate newsletter.

Buckingham also got some company. La Mesa resident Jason Faust is now second in line. He is hoping to score a deal on a new TV.

"I've got nothing else better to do," he said.

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