Local school holds garage sale to benefit Sandy victims

Massive sale held at San Diego Jewish Academy

SAN DIEGO - A local school held a large garage sale on Sunday to benefit the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

Tents and boxes filled with donated items lined the parking lot of the San Diego Jewish Academy in Carmel Valley.  For days, students have been planning the "Mother of all Garage Sales," with all of the proceeds from the sale to go to Sandy victims.

Principal Jeffrey Davis said this is a great learning experience for his students.

"When bad things are happening to people, we step up to the plate," said Davis. "That's part of the culture of this school."

The school has also received a lot of support from the community. People donated books, clothes and household items, creating great deals for the hundreds of people who showed up to the sale.

Halfway through the event, the school surpassed their fundraising goal of $10,000.

Student Rachel Rozenfeld told 10News what matters most is knowing that they have done what they can to help those who have lost everything.

"It's really hard to see that," she said. "I've never lived through anything like it, so just knowing I can help in any way is great."

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