Local runners wary about The Neon Run in San Diego after similar event held in Ariz.

The Neon Run 5K to be held April 13 in SD

SAN DIEGO - Runners from the The Neon Run recently held in Phoenix are using social media to warn San Diegans about a race planned here on April 13.

Those who posted complaints online said they were not delivered what was promised at the Phoenix event.  Runners paid anywhere from $22 to $50 to participate.

The event was billed as a massive neon run where runners of all ages are doused with neon paint, can see laser lights, race among fog and enjoy plenty of beer at the finish line.  Proceeds from the event were supposed to go to charity.

But if photos from the same event held in Phoenix March 23 indicate what runners will get here in San Diego, organizers may have a lot of explaining to do.

“There was just a terrible experience for them: the race was unsafe, it was dark, their paths were uneven and they couldn't see where they were going. There wasn't any water provided,” said Katie Cummings who has been following frustrated runners’ posts for days.

Cummings told 10News that she has been looking forward to the San Diego event since she signed up in January.

“At the end of the race there's going to be this big party," said Cummings. "There's going to be beer."

But a recent email sent out by run organizers, stated that the run will be alcohol-free -- similar to the one in Phoenix.

The charity, the Ronald McDonald House in Phoenix was notified that it was going to be offered a donation of $2,500 from the event, according to KSAZ-TV in Phoenix. Yet, the several thousand runners who participated wonder where the rest of the money went.

Proceeds from San Diego's Neon Run is slated to benefit the Surfrider Foundation.

When 10News contacted the foundation, they said they were not aware of the concerns raised in Phoenix, but will look into the concerns made online.

Runners on social media switched The Neon Run's slogan of "a race that will blow your mind," into “The race that blew their money."

10News made numerous attempts to contact The Neon Run for an interview. In a statement sent to 10News, organizers maintained that the event is legitimate and that "the issues from Phoenix have been fixed."

Organizers also stated that "San Diego will be a great event."

They also addressed the unhappy runners in Phoenix on their Facebook page saying they will do what it takes to make good.

As for Cummings, she asked for a refund for the San Diego run, but was denied.  She said she may still end up going because she has invested so much time and energy into the run.

“I think I would be motivated to go out and see.  Did they actually make the changes they promised?  Are they going to make the experience positive for everybody? Or is it going to be another big failure?” Cummings said.

She and thousands of other local runners hope these fixes are made by April 13.

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