Local runner preparing to race in Boston Marathon

Victor Ferreira also competed last year

SAN DIEGO - Thirty-three local runners are preparing to return to Boston to mark one year since the bombings at the Boston Marathon. 10News spoke to one man who was there last year and is returning to compete.

For Victor Ferreira, crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon was a moment he will never forget.

"Did everything I could to soak in the last three miles and soak in the crowds and it was fantastic," he told 10News.

After the race, he and a few dozen other members of the San Diego Track Club track club were going to hang around the finish line.

Instead, they went back to a friend's apartment to shower. They were six blocks away when they heard the first blast.

"Honestly, the thought crossed my mind that it might have been an explosion, but then I sort of said, 'What are the chances that it was an explosion, really?'" he said.

Then, they heard the second explosion.

"If you had heard scaffolding falling, if you heard a truck doing some serious bouncing as it went over a rough intersection or some train tracks … it kind of sounded about that loud," he said.

They went back to the finish line and witnessed the aftermath. On Saturday, Ferreira will head back to Boston to run again. He says it is a way of closing a wound.

"As an athlete that was lucky enough to finish the race, I feel like I had the accomplishment from the race taken from me," he said. "It's a small loss compared to so much of the other losses people suffered."

He says they know security will be tight. They are not worried about something happening, but on the off-chance something does, Ferreira says that will not stop them from running the marathon the following year.

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