Local Rep. Darrell Issa feeling heat from fellow Republicans over Hurricane Sandy relief bill

Relief bill pulled before vote

SAN DIEGO - Some Republicans in the House of Representatives are upset that a Hurricane Sandy relief package was pulled before a vote could happen and are now taking aim at a San Diego congressman.

Rep. Darrell Issa, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform, is arguably San Diego's most powerful politician. However, he's now facing criticism from members of his own party.

"With all due respect, Darrell Issa is 1,000 percent wrong," New York Rep. Peter King told CNN.

King was irate after Issa appeared on Fox News and defended House Speaker John Boehner's decision to pull a vote on a $ 60 billion Hurricane Sandy relief package on Tuesday -- the last day the 112th Congress was in session.

"The fact is the Senate didn't do their job. They sent us a bunch of pork and then left town, and that's just wrong," Issa said on Fox News.

Several House Republicans, including King, called the non-vote a knife in the back and contend Issa was wrong about the pork.

"... Every one of those items was removed from the House bill, and I wish Darrell Issa would have learned that and looked into that before he went public ...," said King.

When 10News asked Issa's office for comment -- they referred 10News to articles listing the so-called pork measures in the Senate version, saying the facts speak for themselves.

"You've got a lot of Republicans in the northeast very upset someone from California said something like this. Wait [until] we get an earthquake, heaven forbid, and see how they treat us when it comes time for disaster relief," said Carl Luna, political science professor at Mesa College.

Luna believes Issa may be tossed under the bus to keep the heat away from Boehner.

The New York congressmen have since made amends with Boehner, who has promised a vote on the Hurricane Sandy relief bill as early as Friday.

Luna said Issa must tread carefully as positions have divvied up in the new Congress.

"If Darrell Issa ends up being a sore spot for the speaker, Darrell Issa may find himself out of a committeeship," said Luna.

Luna said the war of words may also be a reflection on the fracturing within the party.

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