Local rental car company accused of ripoffs

Some say Payless charges more than it quotes

SAN DIEGO - A local car rental company is accused of charging more than it quotes its customers.

Team 10 has been following complaints against Payless Car Rental for two years. On Wednesday, Team 10 uncovered that more complaints against the company are being made.

"I've looked at all the complaints and from the way I have been treated and the way other people have been treated, no one should do business with this company," said Summer Holt.

Holt was visibly upset when she spoke with 10News on Wednesday. She said she got taken for a ride when she rented a car from Payless Car Rental near Lindbergh Field.

She said she was charged hundreds of dollars on her debit card when she was quoted online that the car would cost a mere $7 per day.

"I used social media," said Holt. "I emailed them. I called them. I wrote the CEO of the company three letters."

She did not receive a response for weeks.

According to the local Better Business Bureau, the company has an "F" rating.

"What we're seeing in terms of trends with them is that the last year has been significantly worse," said BBB CEO Cheryl Bilbrey.

The BBB told 10News that there are 34 customer complaints against Payless Car Rental. A dozen were from this year alone.

"In this case, this company has just refused to respond to the BBB," said Bilbrey. "If they are not responding to us, they're probably not going to respond to you."

However, they responded to Team 10.

"Yes, I already told you, I haven't seen any Better Business Bureau complaints," said Shawn Heck, a manager at Payless Car Rental.

Team 10 also asked him about the extra charges customers are given once they walk in the door.

"As I told you, you bring me some specific stuff, I can look at it," he said. "Give me some time to investigate it instead of just showing up out of nowhere and saying you know what, you guys are doing this when I don't know what you are talking about."

Holt said after more than a month of hounding them for her money back, she finally had it returned, but it came in increments.

"$45 here, $30 there," she said.

Holt added, "I fought. I think they really count on people not fighting for it."

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