Local radio host slammed for on-air comments about latest Filner accuser's looks

KOGO's Chris Merrill taking heat

SAN DIEGO - A local radio personality is in the hot seat for making comments about the appearance of the latest Bob Filner accuser to come forward.

In his Thursday "Voice of Merrill" segment, KOGO radio host Chris Merrill said he would not be making fun of 67-year-old Peggy Shannon's appearance, which was then followed by a list of names he read on-air.

Shannon claimed she was the latest victim of unwanted sexual advances from San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, making her the 16th victim to come forward. 

"Can you imagine Bob Filner trying to get it on with her, he spent all kinds of time trying to figure out which way she's facing, it's not funny!" exclaimed Merrill on his show. "It does appear he targeted pretty much everyone, I believed the disabled are the ones that are pretty much left ... am I wrong?"

Merrill then read the descriptions he says he read online about Shannon, posting them on his website.

Some of the phrases include: "Jabba the Hut," "victim without a neck,"  "the Roly Poly granny," "Moby Dick," "Shamu" and "Cuban refugees floating to Florida on Victim #16."

The references to Shannon's appearance were discussed for several minutes during Merrill's four-hour long program.

"This is not acceptable," said Shannon's attorney, Gloria Allred. "If he is willing to follow a Filner example of hurting women because he can I think he needs to get educated."

But Merrill said the comments he made were out of humor, not hate. He says he won't apologize, though he says he may have gone over the line. 

"If I have any regret, it's that the people are not focusing on Bob Filner, and that's what we should be focusing on," said Merrill.

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