Local puppy born without eyes finds forever home, thanks to local volunteer

9-month-old Papillon named Teddy has new home

SAN DIEGO - A local puppy born without eyes that was about to be euthanized has found a forever home thousands of miles away, thanks to one local volunteer who refused to give up hope.

Teddy is a 9-month-old Papillon who was born without eyes.

"He's a precious soul," said Wanda Jackson, a  volunteer with the Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego. "He's life. He's lovable."

Jackson took Teddy in from a local animal shelter when he was just 3 months old and adopted him out. However, things did not work and Teddy was returned.

"It looked like we weren't going to have a chance to get him into a forever home," said Jackson.

She said she was told by the director of CRSD that Teddy was taking the room of other adoptable dogs at the shelter and would essentially be euthanized if someone did not rescue him.

"He has a passion for life," said Jackson. "He loves it. He's healthy otherwise and it's like, why in the world do you not see how precious he is?"

To keep Teddy from being killed, Jackson took him back in and made it her mission to find Teddy the home he so badly needed.

"I got on the Internet and contacted people and put a post to a group that I belong to called Disabled Dogs...  and told my story of my fear of Teddy going to be put down," she said.

Teddy, a cute pup with his own Facebook page, quickly developed a following from people around the world.

Not long after, a woman from Ontario, Canada who had already adopted two blind dogs wanted him.

The problem was getting Teddy to her. That is when Jackson said something amazing happened. A United Airlines employee who lives in Chicago volunteered to fly to San Diego and deliver Teddy to his new home.

"I was so relieved and all the people that were on that group… they were actually having other people join the group just to read the story and all were crying and saying how excited they were," said Jackson.

Jackson said they are in the final stages of arranging Teddy's trip. His new owner has changed his name to "Prince Theodore the Enabled."

Jackson says about one out of every 1 million dogs is born without eyes, which is a congenital defect likely due to inbreeding.

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