Former Councilman Carl DeMaio, Supervisor Ron Roberts will not run for San Diego mayor

Nathan Fletcher releases video to confirm his run

SAN DIEGO - The field for the November special election for mayor of San Diego cleared somewhat Tuesday, as two potential major candidates -- including former Councilman Carl DeMaio -- announced they would not run.

DeMaio, 38, said he would renew his attention on previously announced plans to challenge Rep. Scott Peters, D-San Diego, in a congressional race next year, while Supervisor Ron Roberts said he preferred to finish his term with the county.

Interim Mayor Todd Gloria also said he would not seek to finish the term of Bob Filner, who resigned in disgrace after nine months as the city's chief executive.

Councilman Kevin Faulconer is set to make an announcement Wednesday at a news conference on Harbor Island. Sources told 10News Faulconer will in fact run for the open mayoral seat.

DeMaio told reporters that his focus was on his agenda to reform government more than a particular office.

"Now I know that this decision may disappoint some of my supporters, though please recognize that our reform agenda is a team effort and is bigger than any one individual," said DeMaio, who narrowly lost to Filner in a runoff last November.

"I'm confident that we have several exceptional leaders in our city who possess the integrity and sincerity and consistency of position to carry forward our reform agenda as our next mayor," DeMaio said.

He said he would hold local, state and national leaders accountable to the citizenry if he wins a congressional seat.

Roberts, who has run for mayor unsuccessfully in the past, announced he would not seek the post.

"I made this decision after much discussion with my family and close supporters," Roberts said. "I will be forever grateful for their confidence."

The city of San Diego race will attract candidates who understand the issues at City Hall, and the county still has some unfinished business, he said.

Gloria, a 35-year-old Democrat and the City Council president, would be making his first run for mayor. A run for mayor by Gloria and DeMaio would have pitted two prominent and openly gay politicians against each other in the race to lead the nation's eighth largest city.

Tuesday is the first regular working day for Gloria as acting mayor since Filner stepped down amid allegations of various degrees of sexual harassment by 19 women. Gloria assumed office when Filner's resignation became official at 5 p.m. Friday.

"I'm ready, I'm anxious to get to work," Gloria said. "I have, like every other San Diegans, been frustrated by what's not been getting done the last number of months, and I'm really excited by the opportunity to actually start doing that work again."

He said one of his first actions would be to order a top-down review of city departments to make sure city policies are being followed. He also plans to talk to members of the mayor's staff and decide who he wants to keep.

Also Tuesday, former Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, who previously said he would make a second run for the mayor's office, released a video as his "official announcement."

"I think it's time that San Diegans -- that we all commit ourselves to the mission of rebuilding our city and moving us forward," said Fletcher, a Marine who served in Iraq.

Fletcher, who has been endorsed by unions representing the city's firefighters and white-collar workers, said in his video that one of his priorities will be giving hard-working residents an opportunity to buy their own home.

Now a Qualcomm executive, he finished third in the June 2012 mayoral primary, finishing behind DeMaio and Filner.

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