Local pizza shop offers $1,000 reward for arrest after smash-and-grab burglary

SAN DIEGO - Pazzo's Pizza in Scripps Ranch is offering a $1,000 reward after being burglarized and vandalized five times within the past six months.

During the latest incident, the burglar smashed a window with a rock before crawling inside through the shattered glass.

"He threw it right below the handle here," said employee Bill Feather.

Feather gave 10News the security footage from inside that shows a man prying open the cash register, emptying it out and stuffing the money into a trash bag.

"He's on the security tapes for about a minute, maybe a little bit more," he said.

They shared the video with 10News, hoping a viewer will recognize the person in the video.

Since November, Pazzo's has had back doors popped open, phone lines cut and windows shattered.

After the third hit, police made several arrests. Officers took three suspects into custody following a high-speed chase. Investigators thought the crimes may have been part of a ring.

10News interviewed Feather in November just after the arrests. Back then, he thought Pazzo's troubles were over.

"There's a sense of security now that hey, it probably won't happen," he told 10News in a November interview.

However, it has happened twice again.

"This is a family-run business," Feather said. "It is truly having a detrimental effect on the store and the community."

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