Local pastor Dan Slagle continues 'hidden cash' trend in San Diego

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego pastor says he wants to continue the trend of paying it forward, and on Wednesday, he revealed a clue about where to find a stash of cash.

Pastor Dan Slagle is practicing what he preaches. He heard about the San Francisco-area millionaire who started the trend last month of hiding money and then tweeting clues on where to find it, and decided he wanted to do it too.

"In our services, we're always looking for practical ways that we can live out our faith," Slagle said. "It's just a real practical way for us to make someone's day."

Slagle invited 10News along as he found the perfect spot for his first money drop. He's planning two money drops a week for the next four months. Along with the money, his church will also give away a bigger prize during the weekend.

"That will be a prize like a flat screen TV or Charger tickets," he said.  

Slagle won't be hiding the TV for obvious reasons. Winners will have to pick that up at his new church near Mission Valley called Church:SD.

Slagle has already started tweeting about the cash giveaway on the church's Twitter account @WeAreChurchSD.

"It's one thing to come in these walls and talk about what it means to serve other people and it's another thing to go outside of here and put our hands to it. We hope that it catches on and even more people do this," he said.

As for the bigger prizes like the big-screen TV, Slagle said he will put a note in the envelope with what the prize is, which the winner can pick up at the church, he said, with no strings attached.

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