Woman claims verbal abuse by landlord

Records: Suzanne Longo sued roommates in past

SAN DIEGO - A Spring Valley man is responding to a tenant's claims that he verbally abused her, but the woman said she's the one who has been victimized.

When Jose Ganaden needed to fill a room in his home, he posted an advertisement.

Suzanne Longo answered it.

"She was nice the first time we met her. She was quiet, she's good," Ganaden told 10News.

However, in a couple of days, Ganaden said Longo accused him of verbally abusing her, abusing his niece and abusing his pets.

"I was surprised because I didn't expect she was going to do that," said Ganaden, who said none of the accusations were true.

Longo demanded to move out and gave Ganaden a note that said she would sue him for $5,000.

"She filed a restraining order against us, then she demanded $10,000 [from] me, my mom and my sister," said Ganaden.

10News learned Longo has filed dozens of civil cases and restraining orders.

In 2008, Longo filed a harassment lawsuit. In 2009, she sued a roommate for verbal abuse. Most of the cases asked for unlimited amount in damages.

10News reporter Melissa Mecija initially contacted Longo, who said, "When you're renting a room from someone, they're not always forthcoming."

When Mecija asked her about her past lawsuits, Longo angrily said, "Don't ever call me again because I'll file a restraining order against you."

Woman responds to accusations

In a sit-down interview with 10News, Longo said she is only defending herself from landlords and roommates. She said Ganaden is the one lying and said everything she claims in court is true.

Longo said she has been harassed, abused and burglarized by her former roommates and landlords.

"I'm not going to just not do anything. I'm going to protect myself. That's how I protect myself," said Longo.

She plans to move out of San Diego.

10News has learned that a temporary restraining order filed against Ganaden has been dismissed.

Legal experts recommend those renting out a room to do a background check and credit check. Hiring a tenant screening company is also an option, experts say.

In extreme cases, those who file too many lawsuits can be placed on a state list by a judge that would require them to obtain extra permission to file lawsuits.

10News learned Longo is not on that list.

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