Police beefing up presence at Bonita Cove Park after razor blades purposefully placed around park

3rd incident occurred in mid-February

SAN DIEGO - It is a crime that has angered thousands of San Diegans: razor blades purposefully placed around a popular Mission Bay Park.

The San Diego Police Department's beach team will be focusing primarily on the area for the foreseeable future, as well as the city's park rangers.

10News cameras were rolling on Thursday night and back on Aug. 10 as San Diego police and city parks and recreation crews collected razor blades and scoured Bonita Cove Park with metal detectors.

Now, police tell 10News there was also a third incident back in mid-February.

Police say the same thing happened then. Single-edged razor blades were intentionally pressed into the ground sharp side up in hopes that children and adults walking around barefoot would step on one and slice up their foot.

"In my opinion, somebody without a conscience that just wants to hurt people," said acting San Diego police Sgt. Christopher Asbell.

Jorge Parra, who was at the park Friday playing with his kids told 10News, "I'm not going to stay here. It's crazy that somebody would do something like that. People come here to enjoy the park, not do something stupid like that."

That was the reaction 10News received from several parents after we arrived at the park Friday afternoon and told them what had been going on after we spotted their children running around barefoot.

Parra was quick to get his kids' shoes back on, and so was Roberto Garin, who was at the park with his wife and young children.

"This is just so shocking," said Garin. "Like I just said, we just heard about it the first time and we're just going to be careful out here."

Lauren Dwyer, who was at the park with her daughter told 10News, "This is like strategically placed. It's just sick, you know, so it's really sad."

Sgt. Asbell said, "We're reasonably confident that we got all the razors – can't be guaranteed – so people need to use due caution when they're in the area. I'd recommend wearing shoes for the children and of course for the adults as well."

The razor blades collected are now being processed at a crime lab for DNA.

"It does unfortunately take time, and hopefully there's a DNA profile on file for us to match that to, should we get a DNA hit on it," said Asbell.

Police say if you find any razor blades at the park, immediately call authorities and do not touch them. This way, they can be properly tested in hopes of finding those responsible.

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