More questions surround controversial courtroom wedding

SAN DIEGO - New questions are being raised about a controversial courtroom wedding that ended with a local judge serving cake to a convicted killer.

A woman has come forward, calling that wedding possibly illegal, because she is likely still married to the killer.

In the wedding photo, a smiling Danne Desbrow is seen minutes after being sentenced to 53 years to life for murder.

"I was smiling because I was happy. I was getting married to someone I love," said Desbrow in a jailhouse interview in early October. The wedding has sparked national headlines.

The saga started with a 2003 cold case. The murder of Kevin Santos was finally solved.

Desbrow claimed he was defending himself in a fight but was convicted of first-degree murder. 

Judge Patricia Cookson sentenced him, and then agreed to marry him and his fiancée. Later, the judge presented the couple with a vanilla cake she had baked herself.

But was that wedding legal?

"In my mind, that wedding was legally ridiculous," said Destinie Hoss.

Hoss and Desbrow married in 2001, according to a marriage certificate she showed 10News.

She says she had tried to legally divorce him several years later, but he ripped up the papers.

10News discovered a divorce filing in Riverside County in 2002.

Hoss says in a recent telephone call, Desbrow claimed he finally did sign a second set of divorce documents under a fake name – that of "Barney Rubble."

Legal experts tell 10News if signature clearly does not match, the divorce may not be legal. Desbrow's new marriage would then be void. 

Hoss says she came forward because she felt for the murder victim's family after they learned of the wedding.

"I felt a lot of pain for the family," she said. "They didn't deserve that."

Anyone who applies for a marriage license must confirm they are not married under penalty of perjury.

Though the person officiating the marriage usually goes by the license, Cookson reportedly asked Desbrow to swear under oath that he was truthful on his marriage license.

Desbrow's new wife did not respond to calls from 10News.

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