Local Millionaire Offers To Help El Cajon Rampage Victim

Marc Paskin Appears To Fundraiser For Alyssa Rakov

A La Jolla millionaire is reaching out to an El Cajon woman whose daughter and mother were killed last weekend.

A fundraiser was held Thursday at Hooley's Irish Pub in Rancho San Diego for Alyssa Rakov, whose life drastically changed when authorities said her estranged husband, Kevin Collier, killed her mother, Beverli Rakov, and 14-month-old daughter Rhilee, and then burned down their El Cajon home.

After self-made millionaire and philanthropist Marc Paskin learned of Alyssa Rakov's tragedy, he knew he had to step in and help somehow.

"You know you can't write a check and bring back the daughter, you can't bring back the mother, but what I can do is use my money to help make life a little easier," Paskin told 10News.

Paskin made an appearance on ABC's "Secret Millionaire," and ABC teamed with him as he shared a good portion of his $100 million in earnings with people outside San Diego.

"I see something, I read something ... if it touches my heart and I think a check can help them out, I go for it, and I've done it and it feels good," he said.

Paskin told 10News he was looking forward to offering Rakov something big and giving back to someone close to home.

"I was thinking what I could do and my idea was to offer her to get her a real nice apartment and pay her rent for the next year," he told 10News prior to the fundraiser.

Paskin's generous offer to help Rakov get her life back comes as dozens of other San Diegans gathered at the restaurant to help Rakov in any way they can.

Rakov showed up to the fundraiser, but was rushed through a back door as she wanted nothing to do with the media. She issued the following written statement to the media:

"I just want to thank everyone for all their support. It amazes me how much people have come together. With this continued support, I will get through this ... one minute at a time. I will not let him break me. I will be strong for my mom and my little monster because my mom would have been strong for me. Again, thank you everyone for being there for me. I couldn't do any of this without help and support from everyone around me."

Later, Paskin said when he met Rakov, he told her, "I just basically introduced myself, told her what I wanted to do as a gift, that I wanted to pay her rent for one year."

Paskin said, to Rakov, the check meant everything.

"I just told her that all the people in San Diego were thinking about her, she's in our hearts and our prayers, God bless her. I gave her a hug and she said, 'Thank you.' She was very appreciative and that was it," said Paskin.

Paskin said when Rakov is ready to find a place to live, she'll be in touch.

"Whenever she's ready, I’m here to help her," said Paskin.

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