Local millionaire Marc Paskin posts billboard for 'Latina girlfriend' in Barrio Logan

Contact info ripped away from billboard Friday

SAN DIEGO - A surprising advertisement with the face of an ABC TV star has popped up in the Barrio Logan area and has angered some.

While many might be talking about their Christmas wishes, one man has one thing on his wish list, which is posted in big, bold letters on a billboard off Interstate 5 and 28th Street.

The billboard reads, "All I want for Christmas is a Latina girlfriend" and includes an email address of christmaslatina@aol.com.

"Why Latinas?" asked Juan Figueroa, who works at Union Electric, which sits directly beneath the sign.

While Figueroa wondered why, Adrianna Villa said why not.

"I mean, if that's what he wants for Christmas …," Villa said.

Dan Alioa also works in the building under the ad. He chuckled and shook his head when he first saw it.

The face on the billboard belongs to Marc Paskin, who starred in ABC's "Secret Millionaire" last year. Paskin is a self-made millionaire known for opening his heart and his pocketbook to those who need it most.

Last year, he helped put a roof over a local woman's head in her most tragic moments. Her mother and daughter were murdered, and her home was set on fire.

Now, it seems he is trying to give the gift of himself.

"I don't agree with that kind of advertising, but if he's got a good heart, lucky him," Alioa added.

"Generous of him, but still, that's not right," said Figueroa, who finds it offensive.

"Everybody has their own beliefs and everybody wants what they want," Villa added. "They should get what they want for Christmas at least one time of year."

The lower portion of the billboard has ripped off, which seems strange since it was put up the day before.

10News contacted Paskin, who declined to comment but said he will gladly talk to 10News when he returns from a business trip next week.

At this point, it's unclear if the sign could be part of another TV show.

On Friday, the contact information on Paskin's billboard was ripped down.

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