Local man's remarkable recovery to be celebrated in Mission Hills

Fundraiser to be held for Will Barton

SAN DIEGO - A local man's remarkable recovery will be celebrated in Mission Hills this weekend.

A fundraiser for Will Barton is scheduled for Sunday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Fifty Seven Degrees on Hancock Street.

Barton was randomly attacked and shot in the head by Philip Hernandez during a violent crime spree that ended in a deadly police shootout in October.

Since then, Barton's recovery has been remarkable. He was able to sit up on his own during an interview with 10News on Friday.

"Before, when you saw me last, my right arm would fall off the wheelchair and I would just leave it there until someone saw me and put it on my lap," he said. "But now, I can go like this and give people little fives and stuff."

Barton's sense of humor and ability to communicate has stumped most doctors, considering there is still a bullet in his brain.

As an avid artist, he is also able to paint. He uses a sock on his arm and a brush in mouth to decorate the canvas.

He is even learning new languages.

"I've learned Vietnamese and a lot of Thai," said Barton. "I'm just trying to learn 'you're beautiful, let's kiss' in every language."

Barton credits the support from the community for the strides in his condition that doctors cannot explain and plans to thank those people in person on Sunday.

"I'm a little nervous, but I'm very excited to see everybody and see the community that's pulling me forward, you know," he said.

For information on the fundraiser for Barton, click here: http://fiftysevendegrees.com/fundraiser-for-will-barton

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