Local man's dog lost after Carlsbad fire

SAN DIEGO - A 10News viewer affected by the Poinsettia Fire in Carlsbad says he needs help finding his lost dog.

Four-year-old Tikaani is tan and white husky-lab mix. His owner, Cody Powers, says he was at work when his girlfriend and dogs were evacuated. He says no one would take the dogs, so his girlfriend set them free to give them a chance to survive.

Powers says they have their other dog back thanks to the San Diego County Animal Shelter, but Tikaani is still missing. He says the dog may be injured.

Tikaani has a blue collar with a phone number and an address. He was last seen near the burned valley beside Cassia Road.

Anyone with information on the dog's whereabouts is asked to call the county Department of Animal Services at (619) 767-2675.

Click here for a posting on Craigslist regarding the lost dog.

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