Local man tests Google Glass

New wave of smartphone worn like glasses

LA JOLLA, Calif. - A San Diego man is one of the lucky few in the nation to test out Google's creation known as Google Glass.

Ryan Fortin was one of 8,000 Americans selected to try out the Glass before anyone else. He was chosen after submitting an application through the company's #IfIHadGlass social media contest.

Glass is worn like a pair of glasses, and it comes with clear and tinted lenses to wear with the device. It projects a small computer screen into a crystal display above the user's right eye.

Fortin said simple voice commands or a light touch to the side controls the device. It can send emails, take pictures and video, search the Internet and download apps.

So far, Fortin said he likes the Google Glass.

"My favorite thing about it is how quickly I can do things that would normally take a lot longer on my smartphone," he said.

However, the Glass, which cost Fortin $1,500, won't work unless it's linked to a smartphone, making it a pretty elaborate Bluetooth device.

Fortin said the battery also doesn't last that long.

"I have to stop somewhere around lunchtime, charge it up again," he said.

Fortin added he does deal with a lot of jokes around the office, but he also gets a lot of complements and questions.

Google Glass is expected to be rolled out later this year, at the earliest.


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