Local man suspected in sexual assault arrested

Victim befriended through ConversationExchange.com

SAN DIEGO - A local man suspected of sexual assault and false imprisonment was arrested last week.

San Diego police said they received a report on Oct. 26 regarding a sexual assault. The suspect in the assault, 31-year-old Jason McKlevey, had befriended the victim through a website called ConversationExchange.com, according to police.

ConversationExchange.com is frequently used by foreign exchange students to practice both written and spoken language skills.

Detectives determined that McKlevey had contacted numerous female Asian foreign exchange students through the website. Most of the women appeared to have been students at local colleges and universities.

McKlevey was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and false imprisonment on Nov. 7.

Anyone with any information concerning the investigation is asked to contact the San Diego Police Department's Sex Crimes Unit at (619) 531-2210 or San Diego County Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.

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