Local Man Shares Video Of Inspiring Seau Speech

Cam Zardouzian Says Junior Seau Addressed USC Soccer Team At Restaurant In Sept. 2011

A Solana Beach man has come forward with video he shot on his cellphone of Junior Seau regaling the University of Southern California men's soccer team last year inside his Mission Valley restaurant.

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Cam Zardouzian was having dinner at Seau's the night of September 17, 2011, and he said he was very impressed with how the former Chargers star greeted the team when they showed up unannounced.

"You could just see Junior's demeanor change that day, and when these guys walked in, you know, his eyes got a little brighter and he perked up a little bit and he immediately engaged them, welcomed them," Zardouzian told 10News.

Zardouzian said Seau ushered the team into a private room, fed them for free and counseled them. Zardouzian then started recording on his cellphone and captured Seau saying, "If you pray, pray hard. If you study, study hard. If you're an overachiever, overachieve harder. If you're talented, don't get complacent. Face your walls. I ain't talking about anything else. I ain't talking about sports. I'm talking about your walls."

Zardouzian said, "You could see it in their eyes, in the soccer players' eyes, that they were listening to him, and there were moments where in agreement they would say, 'Whoop' in unison, so it was kind of like a military thing almost; very touching."

Zardouzian said he posted the two-minute video on YouTube on Thursday because he wanted everyone to see what a great and inspirational man Seau was.

View Zardouzian's video below:

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