Local man says he was assaulted by participant at Cruisin' Grand car show in Escondido

Dave Plotkin says incident occurred April 19

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - A local man says he was assaulted at the Cruisin' Grand car show in Escondido by another man who was showing off his car.

The incident occurred at about 6 p.m. on April 19. Dave Plotkin said he pulled his motorcycle in to park along a red curb next to a man who was showing off his car.

Plotkin said a few seconds later he became the victim of an assault.      

"He flies up from behind me screaming very vulgar," said Plotkin. "All of a sudden, as I look, he hits my helmet and my fingers slip."

Plotkin, who repaired aircraft in Maine that were used in Desert Storm, said that man who he had parked his motorcycle next to then threatened to run him over.

"I decided I'm going to leave," he said. "I don't need to hear a guy screaming at me anymore."

Plotkin said he called Escondido police and filed a report, but by the time they arrived, the man had already left.

"He's got a real nice cherry Mustang… '69, somewhere in there… light blue color,” said car show participant Mark Sahba.

Sahba said what happened to Plotkin has also happened to others he knows.

"I had a buddy who parked near his car one time and he was a little upset about it to say the least and he seems to be confrontational… for what reason, I'm really not sure," said Sahba.

Sahba said the man who reportedly assaulted Plotkin used to ride motorcycles but does not anymore after he suffered a head injury and now for some reason, just does not like bikers at all.

"I've got friends that know him," said Sahba. "He seems to be a little angry, especially toward motorcycle riders."

Escondido police have forwarded Plotkin's police report to the department's investigative unit for further review.

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