Local man helps save woman's life on board Delta flight with CPR techniques learned watching YouTube

SAN DIEGO - A woman on board a Delta flight from New York to San Diego fell unconscious on the plane when a passenger sprung into action to help.

Mitch Thrower, a local businessman in La Jolla, was on the flight returning to Lindbergh Field when he heard the flight attendant call for a doctor on board.

Thrower is no doctor but says he did not think twice and ran to the front of the first class cabin to help. He says an elderly woman was on the floor unconscious. A flight attendant was already assisting the woman.

"The first thing I did was some mouth-to-mouth to try and get her some air in her lungs while we're doing compressions," he said.

Thrower began performing CPR and chest compressions which he says he had just learned how to do from watching a video on YouTube.

Moments after they began resuscitative efforts, the woman regained consciousness.

"Yeah, so you could look down and as she was sort of coming to, her eyes were opening up and she had these bright blue eyes," he said. "We were like, 'Nana, can you hear us? Can you hear us?' And then she nodded her head."

Thrower said he must give most of the credit to the flight attendant, who is named Ryan Moore. He says Moore used an AED defibrillator on the woman, which likely played a role in her survival.

The plane was diverted to St. Louis where the woman was taken to an area hospital.

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