Local Law School's New Campus To Open Tuesday

Thomas Jefferson School Of Law Is Relocating From Old Town

Barring any last-second fossil discoveries, a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held Monday at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law's new eight-story campus.

The school is relocating from Old Town to downtown, at 1155 Island Ave.

"This is the most extraordinary law school campus in the nation," said Rudy Hasl, a school dean. "It is designed to facilitate interactions between everyone on campus in a comfortable, collaborative setting. That is the key to success in law school."

In February 2009, work on the campus was interrupted by the discovery of an 8-foot-long mammoth tusk, skull and other bones about 20 feet below ground level. It turned about to be the remains of a Columbian mammoth, which roamed the earth about 500,000 years ago.

Several weeks later, bones belonging to an ancestor of the modern gray whale were unearthed.

The 178,000-square-foot campus will have two outdoor terraces and a student lounge that looks like a round 50's diner.

Meeting rooms, a cafe to open this spring and a law clinic will be available to the public.

The first classes in the new building are scheduled for Tuesday.

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