Local impact of government shutdown

SAN DIEGO - Due to the government shutdown, many of the 25,700 civilians working at military bases in San Diego were furloughed Tuesday.

At the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), about 1,500 workers were put on leave. The rest of the workers, about 3,000, will continue to work because funding for them does not come from the federal budget. Hai Nguyen was furloughed from SPAWAR. He told 10News he may have to delay his marriage. 

"We were thinking about buying a house first but it's so questionable how everything's going," he said.

Melodi Glandon is another given a furlough notice at SPAWAR. 

"I'm a single mom, so it's definitely not easy," she said. "This is not something new. We've been going through this for months now so we're already impacted."

Furloughed civilian employees at Naval Base San Diego held up protest signs to traffic Tuesday, hoping to "stop the madness.

Anthony Howard is one of them. He is the president of Local 63 of the American Federated Government Employees Union. 

"I don't know how long we'll be shut down but we will lose pay because of it," said Howard. "I don't think it's fair."

That refrain is being echoed across San Diego and the country as the Washington deadlock over the budget has forced furloughs of almost 26,000 people locally and 800,000 nationwide.

The shutdown has also affected national parks and monuments, including the Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma and Cleveland National Forest.

According to park officials, "All programs and special events at Cabrillo National Monument have been canceled, including those for nearly 400 local schoolchildren who had planned field trips to the park in the next two weeks. The park's Centennial Celebration Weekend Oct. 12-14 is also in jeopardy."

Park officials said 22 employees at the Cabrillo National Monument are on furlough due to the shutdown, and another eight workers are similarly affected. A few excepted employees remain on duty, providing security and emergency services, according to park officials.

10News learned there are several ceremonies scheduled at the monument, including a wedding that may have to be moved due to the closure.

Kevin Doyle and his wife had hoped to take some photos at the monument. 

"We're on vacation from the East Coast and it stinks the park is closed," Doyle said.

Ron Brunner was showing some friends around Point Loma when they were turned around. 

"I'm surprised they didn't allow us to get to the parking lot and shut the displays down so you could still enjoy the view up here," he said.

Visitors at the monument expressed their frustration with recent events in Washington, D.C.

"The older I get, the more I see how we butt heads, with the two-party system, it's really frustrating that it's all gridlock nothing ever gets done," said tourist Bill Plunkett.

Local families are also watching how the shutdown could impact them. Vicki Campbell is married to a civilian employee with the Department of Defense and could be affected by furloughs.

"We've been watching this and kind of planning for it so we've kind of cut, cut, cut anyway, and now will cut some more just because we don't want to lose anything because the government," said Campbell.

Click for a list of closures at the Cleveland National Forest: http://1.usa.gov/151FnXN

Concerns have arisen about fire safety if the Air Traffic Control Tower at Ramona is closed.

Marine Corps officials said the following number of employees will be affected by the furloughs:

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton: 1,163
Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton: 34
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar: 328
Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego: 360
Marine Corps Air Station Yuma: 176
Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow: 238
Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command 29 Palms (including Mountain Warfare Training Center Bridgeport): 1,282

The Miramar Air Show will go on as planned this coming weekend. The Blue Angels will not be performing and some event staff have been furloughed but "it's still a go."

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