Local holiday travelers staying stress-free despite delays

SAN DIEGO - The holiday travel madness hit Wednesday, and people were dancing in public and singing for 10News cameras at Lindbergh Field.

10News caught up with Camp Pendleton-based Marine James Lochner at the airport. He said as a member of the military, he is used to the "hurry up and wait" game.

"Holiday travel is crazy," said Lochner. "It always is, it always will be."

As he headed off to visit family, he was stuck in the security checkpoint line, which wrapped all the way around baggage claim. It was moving along because of a new system allowing pre-selected travelers to pass by.

"I get to wait but that's OK," Lochner said. "I'll be happy with it."

The storm back east was creating a backup, so delays were splashing across signs even in San Diego. At 7:00 a.m., about a dozen flights were delayed. By around 11:30 a.m., the number had more than doubled.

San Diegan Chris Kleber seemed to be keeping a surprisingly stress-free attitude.

"I'm from San Diego, I don't watch the weather," he joked.

He was one of about 400,000 people making their way through Lindbergh Field this holiday week.

Despite the crowds, Lochner was thrilled to be heading out to see family and friends on home soil. He was deployed last Thanksgiving and Christmas.

"I missed a couple of holidays here and there being deployed, so for me, it's just nice to be home nice to be here and to be able to see my family is an awesome opportunity," said Lochner.

It is hard not to be thankful for sacrifices like that.

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