Local high School students discuss 'Blackfish' documentary with filmmaker

Panel organized by local teen

SAN DIEGO - Hundreds of students were given an opportunity Monday to talk about the controversial documentary "Blackfish" with the film's director.

Point Loma High School student Sarah Bristol was one of almost 300 students at the school invited to listen to "Blackfish" filmmaker Gabriela Cowperthwaite and a marine mammal expert at an hour-long panel.

"There wasn't any new information," Bristol said.

Thirteen-year-old Max Guinn, co-founder of Kids Eco Club, brought the panel together. 10News first introduced you to him last week as he was trying to get both SeaWorld and the film's director together for a debate, giving students the opportunity to form their opinion about the film's topic -- orcas in captivity.

In response to Monday's panel, SeaWorld issued the following statement:

"As we responded a few weeks ago to the filmmaker's debate challenge, we have no interest in helping promote a film this dishonest and manipulative. Our position has not changed. We did not receive any specific invitation from the schools regarding today's screenings. We would like to thank Kearny High School for inviting us to provide a SeaWorld presentation to their students last week. We applaud the school's desire to provide its students information on both sides of the issue to help them make a more informed decision. It's unfortunate that we did not receive invitations from the other schools to provide a SeaWorld presentation to their students."

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