Local ground squirrel tests positive for plague

Squirrel trapped in Palomar Mountain campground

SAN DIEGO - A ground squirrel that tested positive for plague on Palomar Mountain has led San Diego County health officials to warn campers and hikers to take precautions.

"The big thing is to avoid contact with squirrels and the fleas that they can carry," Department of Environmental Health director Jack Miller said. 

“Campers should set up tents away from squirrel burrows, never feed squirrels and warn children not to play with squirrels.” Miller said.

A squirrel trapped at Cedar Grove Campground on Palomar Mountain was the first reported case of plague in San Diego County this year.

Plague is a bacterial disease of wild rodents that is transmitted to people by fleas that feed on the blood of a sick animal and then bite humans.

For more information about plague call the Vector Control Program at 858-694-2888 or visit the website at www.sdvector.com.


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