Local firefighter pranks girlfriend during parachute proposal

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - A local firefighter's marriage proposal is getting worldwide attention not because of what he said but because of what he did.

Jumping out of perfectly good airplanes has become second nature to Brandon Strohbehn and Nicole Nepomuceno.

"That was something we started together," said Strohbehn. "We had our first jump together."

As the number of jumps under their belts grew, so did their love for one another.

But it would be jump No. 206 that would be different. That is when the Orange County firefighter would ask for her hand in marriage, except this proposal would have a major twist.

"I bought a $9 fake ring from Amazon," said Strohbehn.

It took him two months of planning and a team of 10 people to help him pull it off.

"I couldn't have done it by myself. It was really helpful for them to help me lie," he said while laughing.

Then, 12,000 feet above San Diego, it was go time.

Strohbehn described his plan saying, "I'm going to hold it up and it's going to be in the box. It's going to look like a ring and then I'm going to just have her try and grab it. As soon as she does try, I'm going to drop it."

"Every single time I glanced at it, I was like, 'How is that strapped to him?'" Nepomuceno said. She tried to grab the ring but it was already freefalling.

"I was shocked to see it drop and then he was ignoring me," she said.

That is when she realized something was up.

Strohbehn said, "I couldn't stop smiling. I was like, that was so awesome, it went perfect."

The couple does not have an exact date, but they do know they will be getting married next July.

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