Local fan shares photos of private concert with Paul McCartney

SAN DIEGO - As San Diego gets ready for Paul McCartney's upcoming show at Petco Park, 10News tracked down the local woman who he surprised for her 50th birthday.

Rancho Santa Fe resident Wendy Walker spent 20 of her 32 years at CNN producing "Larry King LIVE," booking hundreds of big names, including Paul McCartney.

"He was a very hard get … very hard person to get an interview with," said Walker.

Soon after the interview, Walker and her then husband Ralph Whitworth became involved with "Adopt-a-Minefield," a charity McCartney is involved with.

Soon after that, Walker's husband offered McCartney $1 million that would go to the charity if he agreed to play for her 50th birthday party at Delicias Restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe.

Walker had no idea until McCartney walked on stage.

"The look on my face … it was, it was sheer surprise," said Walker.

Walker released three never-before-seen photos to 10News from the unforgettable night of Feb. 22, 2003, including one with her lifelong friend Katie Couric as they stood together, holding each other. They were smiling ear-to-ear, stunned at who was performing for Walker just feet away.

"He came on and he said, 'Hey Wendy.' I was like, 'OK'. But he played for almost two hours, 22 songs. It was a regular concert," said Walker.

She says she is ecstatic about going to McCartney's upcoming concert at Petco Park, which will no doubt be one of those once-in-a-lifetime kinds of experiences for anyone lucky enough to attend.

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