Local family says son being bullied: Family wants bully held accountable for making death threat

Dad: Bully made death threat at Twin Peaks campus

POWAY, Calif. - A North County family desperate for answers called 10News after they say a classmate beat up their eighth grade son and then threatened to kill him and his family.

"The kid started to hit him and my son fell on the ground," said Jarred Christian, whose son attends Twin Peaks Middle School in Poway. "The kid started kicking him in his head."

Christian called 10News after what he calls two frightening experiences between his 13-year-old son Anthony and a classmate.

Christian said the attacker and his friends recorded the beating at a horse farm and put the video on Facebook. It has been taken down, but Christian said his son is devastated.

"More his pride was hurt, I guess," he said. "Even when I talk to him, he'll get teary-eyed."

10News called the Poway Unified School District superintendent but the call was not returned. Christian said the bully was only suspended for a day.

On Monday, the concerned father said things escalated with a death threat at school.

"Staring him down and telling him he's going to kill him… he's going to kill our whole family," said Christian.

Christian said the responding deputy refused to take a report and the school did not take any action against the eighth grader who made the threat. His son was so scared that he stayed home from school on Tuesday.

"It seems like a lot of this bullying stuff… like, a lot of kids are asking for help and nobody's helping," said Christian. "There's too many steps to go through to get help."

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