Local couple plans Chargers-themed wedding

Fiance legally changed middle name to 'Charger'

SAN DIEGO - It is still two months away from the Chargers' first game of the football season, but an Allied Gardens couple is already feeling Chargers fever.

Bride-to-be Audra Garcia became a huge Chargers fan when she met her fiancé Phouva 11 years ago. 

"He just started taking me to the games," she said. "I liked the energy in the stadium. I just became instantly hooked."

Phouva, who came to the United States from Laos when he was 15, is now a firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service. He is such a die-hard Chargers fan that he legally changed his middle name to "Charger."

"I was drawn by that already," said Garcia.

Both season ticket holders attend every game and hold tailgating parties each time.

When Phouva proposed to her, he gave her an engagement ring with the Chargers blue and gold colors, which inspired every element of the wedding.

Their invitation shows a ceremony kickoff time of 3 p.m.

Their "playbook" lists their wedding team including Audra's quarterback: her maid of honor and daughter Vanessa, a former junior Chargers Girl.

"She'll be the first one to come out and she'll be doing a ball toss to my fiancé," said Garcia.

The couple's entourage will all wear blue and yellow.

Even her wedding gown was customized. It is accented with blue and gold Swarovski crystals and matching chiffon.

"This bride has gotten ready for her wedding like the Chargers get ready in training camp," said Diana D'angelo, who is with D'angelo Couture Bridal. "We've had to take her in three times."

All go well with her Chargers bolt tattoo, which was recently touched up for the wedding. 

Nothing is off-limits. Even the cake has a football field and end zones. And when the groom kisses the bride, forget the typical wedding march. They will turn up the Chargers fight song.

The couple, who will marry this Saturday in Northern California, will not be taking a traditional honeymoon. They will visit Laos next year and Phouva's family will throw a traditional Laotian wedding for them. The couple also plans to build a school – their second one – in the village which Phouva is from.

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