Local couple celebrates 80th wedding anniversary

SAN DIEGO - A local couple celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary on Saturday, joining 11 other couples in the world who have reached that milestone.

At 97 and 100 years old, Blanche and Sam Weiss could tell you a thing or two about life.

"You really don't plan," said Blanche. "Things just fall in place."

Joined by friends and family on Saturday, they celebrated another big milestone: 80 years of marriage.

"We grew up together, we grew old together," said Blanche.

Through the Great Depression, World War II, three children and 11 grandchildren – they have been through it all, side by side since 1934.

"Whatever I did she went along with me," said Sam.

Sam was 18 and Blanche was 15 when they met at a Sweet Sixteen party in Brooklyn. Theirs is a long lasting love, setting a high standard even for their own children.

"I mean, you think about having a successful life and a happy life … I think they've done everything right," said their son Howard Weiss.

At 74, their oldest, Marti, is not easily impressed.

"I was at an event where they were celebrating a couple's 50th wedding anniversary and they were making a big deal about it and I didn't want to say, 'So what?'" he said.

Sam had this to say about the key to their union.

"We got along real well and that's what I loved about her," he said.

Blanche said, "Yeah, you got along with me otherwise I would have thrown you out."

In all seriousness, both say couples must talk through their problems but a sense of humor is also important.

When asked about the real secret to keeping a marriage solid across eight decades, Blanche said, "You have to marry young otherwise you're not going to reach that point."

The other tip the couple offered about a long lasting marriage was that you have to love each other, but more importantly, you really have to like each other.

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