Local businessmen hope to launch beach idea

Business would run on section of Carlsbad beach

CARLSBAD, Calif. - Two North County restaurateurs want to start a business that would rent umbrellas, chairs and coolers on a section of Carlsbad beach, but they haven't sold the California Coastal Commission on the idea yet.

Leone D'Arcangelo and Frank Morelli want to bring a European flare to Carlsbad by creating a VIP section on the beach filled with colorful umbrellas, beach chairs, coolers, and "butler service" that would include food and beverage service.

Morelli told 10News, "We want to make this service available to the public and to tourists that would be coming here."

"I want to see the beach like where I come from," added D'Arcangelo.

D'Arcangelo grew up on the shores of Italy and wants to bring the service that is seen all over the world to California.

"Actually, in this kind of economy, it would create jobs and this is my goal for the city" said D'Arcangelo.

Consultant Jeff Lassle is helping the two with their proposal to the California Coastal Commission. He feels this is an opportunity for the city to generate more money, while not impacting the environment.

"It will bring many, many dollars and tourism to the state of California and the city of Carlsbad," said Lassle.

The idea may not go far, however. In an early opinion, the Coastal Commission raised concern over public access and views of the beach.

Lassle said despite the negative response, Morelli and D'Arcangelo plan to proceed with their application.

"We felt from the staff that they were a little bit negative on it, but they haven't refused it," said Morelli.

"For a $20 rental fee, you would get two lawn chairs, an umbrella and a cooler. It would all be set up for you when you come here and you can have it for the whole day. What is better than that? I think I can dream," said D'Arcangelo.

A final decision on the plan is expected in mid-April.

The California Coastal Commission, established in 1972 by voter initiative, plans and regulates the use of land and water in the coastal zone.

It is made up of 12 board members, including former Oceanside city council member Esther Sanchez.

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