Local businesses basing big deals on Chargers' success on the field

Store offering free appliances for kickoff TDs

SAN DIEGO - Some San Diego-area businesses are offering discounts -- and even thousands of dollars worth of free merchandise -- based on the Chargers' success on the field.

Appliance Alley on Hancock Street is offering a full rebate on any appliance purchased this weekend if a San Diego Chargers player or Denver Broncos player returns a kickoff for a touchdown at the beginning of the game or at the beginning of the second half.

"I hope that somebody runs a kickoff back," said Appliance Alley president Tony Suitonu.

The store took out a full-page ad in U-T San Diego newspaper Friday promoting the sale, and the store has already received some bites.

"Actually, we have," said Suitonu. "We've had several calls regards to that. We've had a couple of customers come in."

This is not Appliance Alley's first free football-based deal. They ran a similar campaign one weekend at the beginning of the season -- full rebates if the Chargers win the Super Bowl.

"I think we're on the hook for about $50,000," said Suitonu.

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