Local boy organizes donation drive to help young Okla. tornado victims

Ian Gomez's efforts hit snag

SAN DIEGO - While many kids are enjoying summer vacation by the pool, a South Bay fifth grader is hard at work trying to help children in need.

Last month, 11-year-old Ian Gomez saw the devastation at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Okla., where a tornado touched down and killed seven children.

"They must have been really, really sad. I have a little sister and I would not want to lose her," Ian told 10News.

The images affected Ian so much that he took action and organized a donation drive at Leonardo da Vinci Charter School in Chula Vista to collect clothes, shoes and books.

He showed 10News the clothing he collected so far, and he said, "… we're very proud of how much we collected."

His efforts hit a snag, however -- Ian does not have $1,500 needed to ship the boxes to Oklahoma.

"We called a lot of people, UPS, FedEx, and they said they'd call us back, but they kind of never did," Ian said.

Ian then decided to contact 10News in hopes of spreading the word.

"All I want is for these kids to get the clothes they deserve," said Ian.

Ian's teachers say he is one in a million. He said he wants to be president and is not afraid of a little hard work.

"You always have to do hard work to get what you have. You just can't extend your hand and get something given to you," he said.

As for his donation drive, Ian is hoping it sends a message to other kids about being grateful for what you have instead of complaining about what you don't have.

"You already have something; you have life, you have your parents and you have a lot of stuff that you should be grateful for, but if you're not grateful for it, then what's life?"

If you wish to donate to the cause, visit http://www.davincicharter.org/index.php/support/donate

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