Local attorney secures $40 million settlement in Skechers false advertising lawsuits

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego attorney is lead counsel in a just-approved settlement forcing Skechers to shell out millions of dollars to customers for unfounded claims about its "butt-shaping" shoes.

10News broke the story in 2012 about San Diegans suing, claiming the shoes caused serious injuries.
Among those was Danette Reando, who tore ligaments and broke her leg and ankle while hiking on Cowles Mountain in her Skecher Shape-Up shoes.

"I took a step and instantly I was on the ground," said Reando.

It's the same shoes that were once endorsed by Kim Kardashian.

In commercials, Skechers once claimed the rolling bottom shoes are revolutionary.

"You can finally in get in shape without going to the gym," touted one video.
The claims prompted a federal probe, a class-action lawsuit over false advertising and now a settlement. Some $40 million will be paid out to more than 520,000 claims.

Those who bought the shoes will get up to $80 back.

San Diego lawyer Tim Blood, who is lead counsel in the case, said, "Skechers advertised the shoes were special. They say the shoes would make the wearer fit … simply by wearing them, when in fact that wasn't true."

"I'm glad they settled. I think the company needs to realize they need to be responsible and be accountable for their actions," said Reando.

Reando's injury lawsuit is part of a separate series of lawsuits claiming the shoe's unusual design caused serious injuries.

Another San Diego attorney, Mike Bomberger, represents hundreds in those cases. He said this settlement helps his case.

"It shows that Skechers knows they have a product with a lot of problems," said Bomberger.

The settlement is the largest ever recovered by the government in a false advertising case.

"I think the message they are sending is, you can't cheat the public to make a dime," said Bomberger.

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