Local assistant pastor shares nightmare past with 'monster from hell'

SAN DIEGO - A local assistant pastor is breaking her silence about a man she calls "the epitome of evil."

In September, Donald Davis will be sentenced, and detectives believe his crimes of sex and torture date back four decades.     

Lorina Pyle was just 4 years old when her father remarried. She said the day after she met her 10-year-old stepbrother, Donald, he molested her in a junkyard in Delta, Colorado.

"He said this is what big brothers do. This is how people love you," said Pyle.

She said for much of the next decade, he sexually abused her daily and sometimes tortured her.

"He put a knife to my neck. He suffocated me until I became unconscious and as soon as I became conscious, he would tell me to continue what I started," said Pyle.

She said she told her father, but he didn't believe her.

By age 14, she had run away for good.

"I tried to tell, but I couldn't. I was terrified. I was ashamed. I was dirty. I had no self-worth," said Pyle.

When she was 29, she came forward to authorities when she lived in Hawaii but said she was not believed.

Then, last year, she got a call from investigators in Colorado, looking into Davis.

When she got a call from detectives, she was in the middle of writing a book on her experiences. She sent them her 26 chapters, and that helped to secure an arrest warrant.

Davis was charged in Colorado with sexually abusing three people and recently pleaded guilty. At least one of the victims was left in his care, while others worked for him and some had been lured with alcohol and pornography, according to a court affidavit.

Detectives have tracked down 13 potential victims and believe there are many more, of all ages -- male and female, family and strangers.

Pyle said one of the male accusers described the abuse by Davis.

"He would hold a gun to his face, and load a bullet, and spin the chamber, and as he was raping him, he would click the gun," said Pyle.

She said her biggest regret is not coming forward sooner.

"There are five suicides that are connected to what he did," said Pyle. "If you are a victim, tell. Tell somebody, because it's bigger than you. Somebody will listen."

Pyle, now an assistant pastor at the First Spiritualist Church in City Heights, said she's telling her story to give other victims the courage to tell their own.

"When people say how do you have the courage to do what you do, I say because I've already walked through the fires of hell and danced with Satan," said Pyle.

Davis will be sentenced Sept. 26, and faces up to 35 years in prison.

Pyle said she also wrote the just-released book, "Damaged: The Unbelievable Story About My Truth," to get parents and others to listen to their children and watch for signs of abuse.

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