Little girl's wish with Snow White comes true as her Marine father returns from deployment

Mira Mesa family has homecoming at Disneyland

SAN DIEGO - A little girl had her wish come true during a surprise reunion with her Marine father at Disneyland.

Alyssa Brown, 4, was first excited, then sad when she was given a Daddy Deployment doll a few months ago.

"I miss Daddy so much," she said.

Her mother, Jennifer Love Brown, calls her a daddy's girl.  Daddy, or 1st Lt. Scott Brown, was posted in Afghanistan with the Marine Corps. 

Jennifer Love Brown told 10News, "She went from being so excited then she just broke down and started crying. She really missed him. It turned out to be a good companion while he was gone."

Two weeks ago, he returned from deployment and they surprised Alyssa at Disneyland.

Scott Brown recalled, "Snow White asked if she had a wish. She asked if my daddy could come home. Snow White led Alyssa through it… she covered her eyes and said, 'I wish… I wish with all my heart that my daddy would come home.'"

It was a pretty powerful wish.

He walked up as she covered her eyes. When she opened them, her daddy was standing next to the wishing well. Then came very tight hugs.

1st Lt. Brown is stationed at Camp Pendleton.  The family – which includes a 14-month-old son, Liam – lives in Mira Mesa.

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