Lipstick Bounty Hunters make another bizarre arrest

SAN DIEGO - A group of women bounty hunters on Tuesday got another chance at a wanted man in a bizarre arrest captured on video.

In the video, Daniel Duvall can be heard on the video screaming," You guys are making a big mistake! You're kidnapping me! If you tase me I will ****ing head-butt you in the nose."

The Lipstick Bounty Hunters were back at it on the hunt for Duvall, the same man they tried to arrest last month in an Orange County Arby's. During the encounter, Duvall was Tasered, pepper sprayed and shot with rubber bullets. The team was hired by a bail bondsman to revoke bail for drug and weapons charges.

Duvall's attorney Dan Gilleon told 10News, "They just keep pushing it and pushing it because they keep getting media attention."

Teresa Golt, one of the bounty hunters, told 10News during the second arrest, "Mr. Duvall did not resist, however, he was not very cooperative."

But this time, the women had help from a male bounty hunter.

"They're the ones that went in and did the arrest, handed them over to Lipstick who took all the glory," said Gilleon.

Gilleon said during the first arrest the women went too far, shooting Duvall twice in the eye and breaking his nose.

Golt disagrees. She said, "We believe we didn't use enough force."

Gilleon was stunned. He responded, "Are you serious? You didn't use enough force? Are you saying you should have brought a real gun and shot him dead? Every single time they talk, it helps me prove my case."

Duvall is out of jail and hoping to see his eye doctor in San Diego this week. His attorney believes the bounty hunters are just trying to get a reality show out of this. Lipstick Bounty Hunters says that is not true.

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