Lightning Strikes Illuminate East County Sky

Lightning Show Took Place Between Nightfall To About 10PM

10News received a flood of phone calls and emails on Wednesday from San Diegans who witnessed an incredible lightning show in the East County.

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As lightning flashed inside a towering cumulus cloud over the East County, people stopped on the side of the road near the top of Mount Helix, pulling out their cameras and hoping to catch some of the action.

"You know, I've just watched it develop all day and then it started shooting lightning out," said El Cajon resident Toby Jarrett. "We're not in Vegas or Arizona where you see really cool lightning storms. This is rare. It's a nice little treat."

Between nightfall and about 10 p.m., lightning flashed inside an electrically-charged cloud. At some points, bolts of lightning streaked across the sky.

"I'm hoping it rains... I hope it does 'cause I like the rain," said La Mesa resident Kayla Rosadl.

The lightning show many watched on Wednesday was all part of the thunderstorm the National Weather Service called for just before 2 p.m., developing near Anza and Campo. By Wednesday night, the thunderstorm was moving west over the mountains near Alpine.

10News weathercaster Pat Brown said conditions will continue to be ripe for an encore performance every evening through the Labor Day weekend.

"Temperatures will persist above average, and moisture streaming in from the southeast will continue to create a juicy atmosphere," she said.

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