Lifeguards on track to make 1,000 more rescues this year

SAN DIEGO - More than 500,000 people visited San Diego's beaches this Labor Day weekend. Lifeguards told 10News they are on their way to make a record number of water rescues this year.

Lt. Andy Lerum said lifeguards are on track to rescue more than 6,000 people this year in San Diego. That is 1,000 more rescues than they typically make a year. He said more than 120 lifeguards were on duty Labor Day.

"Rip currents have the tendency to drift you into a bad area or a dangerous spot," said Lerum.

He said the rip currents were pulling out swimmers and keeping lifeguards busy on the last big beach weekend in San Diego.

"We have rip currents at all city beaches," Lerum said. "They are very active and we have a little bit swell left over from the hurricane down south."

He said lifeguards make 99 percent of all rescues in the rip currents.

During the holiday weekend, San Diego lifeguards made 164 rescues, 182 medical aid calls and 7,823 preventative acts – which are warning people of rip currents and other dangers.

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