LGBT Weekly publisher starts first official recall process against Filner

Petitions to be available mid-August

SAN DIEGO - Mayor Bob Filner has no plans of stepping down from office, but that decision may no longer be up to him.

The owner and publisher of LGBT Weekly, Stampp Corbin, started the first official recall process against the mayor.

Before a recall petition can be submitted to City Council, it must begin with a notice of intention published in a newspaper. Corbin did that on Friday.

"The city needs to decide. If they decide he goes, then he goes. If he decides he stays, he stays," explained Corbin. The publisher told 10News the decision to start the process was not based on politics.

"I just wanted to bring this to a close. We are tired of it, it's been two weeks, now we're a national story," Corbin said. "What I want it to be about is what the citizens think."

What Corbin thinks, he says, is neither pro- nor anti-Bob Filner. But Corbin says his stance has made him the target of recent headlines accusing him of trying to make a "strategic move" to stop other groups from their own recall efforts.

10News wanted to know if more than one recall process can run at the same time. After all, if one recall campaign fails, petitioners would have to wait six months before filing again.

10News' calls and emails to the city clerk's office were forwarded to the city attorney. When 10News did not get an answer, a news crew went to the attorney's downtown office and was told we would have to wait until Monday for clarification.

That is time Corbin says the city cannot afford.

"All of the issues that need to be resolved for our wonderful city are not getting done, so here's an opportunity to bring this to closure quickly so we're not talking about this for the next 18 months," he added.

Corbin will not be paying anyone to gather signatures, but he will be hiring a third-party accounting firm to tally those signatures up.

Petitions will be available at the LGBT Weekly's Banker's Hill office at 1850 Fifth Ave Suite 25 after Aug. 15th.

Corbin plans on posting the petitions on the "Recall Bob Filner" Facebook page as well.

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