Lawsuit Against Junior Seau Moves Forward

Murray Lea Alleges He Was Injured When Seau Drove Off A Cliff In 2010

Opening statements began Wednesday in a lawsuit against late Chargers great Junior Seau filed by a Carlsbad man who claims he suffered injuries when the NFL star drove off a cliff in 2010.

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Murray Lea said he deserves compensation for injuries sustained when he jumped out of the way of Seau's speeding Cadillac Escalade in October, 2010, as it flew off a cliff at Carlsbad State Beach. He is suing Seau's estate for $101,000.

"I've had a torn groin muscle and torn hip flexor. I don't know if you know how much that hurts, but it's extremely painful; it's hard to walk," Lea told 10News in May.

Seau wasn't seriously hurt in the 2010 crash, and though there were suspicions it was an earlier suicide attempt, the incident was declared an accident.

Hours after the crash, 10News interviewed a very animated Lea, who said, "I hear 'vrrrrooom,' right off the edge of the cliff, man."

However, Lea can't find any witnesses to back up his story. He also said he is being threatened for pursuing his claim against Seau's estate.

"It was Junior, you know what I mean? No more needs to be said," said Lea.

Acting as his own attorney, Lea drew a diagram to show how it all unfolded. He refused comment outside court Wednesday.

The jury is due back on Thursday morning.

Seau died in May from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 43 years old.

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